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Weight Vest 20KG Camo | Muscle Power®

Comfortable weight vest that can be adjusted from 1 to a maximum of 20 kg.
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Compact and comfortable weight vest

The Muscle Power 20 kg weight vest is an adjustable weight vest made of strong nylon. The vest consists of eighteen removable cast iron weights, each with a weight of 1.1 kg. This means that the weight can be determined completely by yourself, between 1 and 20 kg. This means that the correct weight can be used for every exercise. The weight vest of Muscle Power has a short model and fits compactly to the body. The five-centimeter-wide Velcro fastener ensures that the weight vest is securely fastened so that it will not move during training. Not even when you're hanging upside down. In addition, the vest has two narrow shoulder straps. This is a must if you want to perform exercises where the arms are above the head, for example pull-ups. Finally, the weight vest is completely filled with soft filling to reduce the pressure on the body.

Why train with a weight vest?

If you are an advanced athlete in the field of calisthenics and bodyweight fitness then a weight vest is a must have. With calisthenics you are mainly dependent on your own body weight. It is therefore very nice to have the option of increasing a pull-up, push-up or dip. It gives an extra challenge and growth stimulus to your body, which you sometimes need to get a step closer to your goal. Is your own body weight not sufficient? Then this weight vest is perfect for you!


  • Maximum weight 20 kg
  • Removable weights
  • Made of strong nylon
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Narrow shoulders for extra freedom of movement
  • Soft filling on the chest, shoulders and back
  • Easy to adjust belt system with Velcro closure
  • Suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, bootcamp, fitness and agility exercises

Supplied as standard with the Muscle Power Weight Vest 20KG Camo

  • Muscle Power Weight vest 20KG
  • 18 removable weight blocks

Product features

Weight Vest

Brand Muscle Power
Product number MP3002-C
Size One size fits all
Weight blocks included
Removable weights
Kleur Camouflage
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions (L x W) 41 x 30 cm
Warranty 1 year


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