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Adjustable Hurdles 4X | Gymstick®

Four sturdy hurdles with an adjustable height between 15 and 30 centimeters.
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In height adjustable hurdles

These Gymstick® hurdles that can be adjusted in no time are indispensable for your outdoor training. With these hurdles, Gymstick® managed to combine the two most common heights, namely 15 and 30 centimeters, in one hurdle. This means that you have to bring less material to a training. In addition, this has the advantage that you can start a new exercise at a low level (15cm) and end at a high level (30cm). You can also add more variation and an extra degree of difficulty to your training thanks to the adjustable height. Which of course makes a workout extra challenging. Speed ​​hurdles can be used to perform various exercises to improve the jumping power, speed or condition. The Gymstick® hurdles are suitable for example during a bootcamp, endurance, circuit or cardio training, but also as part of a football training.

Lightweight hurdles

The Gymstick® adjustable hurdles are made of high quality PVC and therefore have a low weight. This, in combination with the possibility to fold the hurdles after use, makes these hurdles very suitable to take with you. Adjusting the hurdles is very easy and only takes a few seconds. Due to the striking red color, the adjustable hurdles of Gymstick® are clearly visible during your training. Make sure you stay focused on the technique and not on bridging the hurdles. The set consists of four adjustable hurdles.

Over Gymstick®

Gymstick® is an international fitness brand from Finland. The sports equipment was developed in collaboration with personal trainers. As a result, Gymstick® products guarantee quality, ease of use and effectiveness.


  • Set consists of 4 hurdles

  • Height-adjustable hurdles

  • Bright red color ensures perfect visibility

  • Very light and therefore easy to carry

  • Height: 15 or 30 cm

  • Width: 47 cm

  • Color: red


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