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Ab Wheel | StreetGains®

This unique ab wheel is inspired by a real racing wheel.
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Ab wheel for creating a strong core

The StreetGains Ab Wheel is a valuable training tool for developing a strong core. So-called 'roll-outs' can be performed with the ab wheel. As a beginner the roll-outs are performed on the knees. The exercise can be made heavier by performing the roll-outs standing. By rolling to the left or right side you put the emphasis on the side abs, the obliques. In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, the StreetGains Ab Wheel also tackles the arms, shoulders, lower and upper back. You will feel your abdominal muscles work well and experience tremendous progress in strength. This makes the ab wheel a good way to build up extreme power in the core. This power is essential to perform other bodyweight exercises, such as the dragon flag or front lever.

Inspired by a real racing wheel

The StreetGains Ab Wheel is a high-quality ab wheel with a durable steel axle. This ab wheel is inspired by a real racing wheel. For example, the tread has rubber with a racing profile. This ensures sufficient grip to roll over any surface. The two handles are covered with high-density foam, so that the wheel fits perfectly in the hand. The StreetGains Ab Wheel comes with a soft knee mat, so that the exercises can be performed comfortably. Thanks to the compact size you can easily take the ab wheel with you to your training or when traveling.


  • Perfect for strengthening the entire core<

  • Racing profile ensures maximum grip on any surface

  • Steel core ensures a durable construction

  • Comfortable handles

  • Inspired by a real racing wheel

  • Soft knee mat for more comfort

  • Color: black

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Ab Wheel

  • StreetGains Ab Wheel

  • Knee mat



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