We are StreetGains

Reach your goal

Exercising outside with friends, training with your own body weight, mastering exercises that seem impossible at first sight and developing pure strength and control over your body. That is calisthenics and this has been a big passion for us for a number of years now! Calisthenics videos on the internet brought us into contact with calisthenics for the first time. Videos showing amazing and impossible exercises, such as the muscle-up, front lever and human flag. After we saw those video’s we wanted to be able to do them ourselves. We started searching for calisthenics equipment that could help us with this. We purchased a couple of resistance bands and made a simple set of parallettes out of PVC tubes. We were surprised that there was no store that was explicitly specialized in the development of calisthenics equipmentl. We found that very inconvenient. Until now, because we have decided to create this place ourselves. And this is how StreetGains was born! With our products we want to bring more possibilities, variation and challenges to your workout, so that the maximum result and pleasure can be achieved. This to eventually come closer to your personal sports goals. #ReachYourGoal

A Spartan training

Just like many good things in life, calisthenics also comes from Greece. The word calisthenics is derived from the two Greek words “kallos”, which means beautiful and “sthenos”, which means strength. Both physical and mental. Calisthenics was part of the training of soldiers in training for the Spartan elite army. With exercises such as: lunges, jumping jacks, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats and dips, they were prepared for this army. The StreetGains logo reflects the shield of this Spartan elite army. In addition, the logo shows the Greek letter "S" (∑) of StreetGains.

"It is a shame for a human to grow old without ever having experienced the beauty and strength of which the body is capable"


Calisthenics in 2021

Nowadays calisthenics, also known as streetworkout or bodyweight fitness, is a form of sports in which you use your own body weight as resistance. The goal of calisthenics is to increase muscle mass, strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. Well-known exercises are pull-ups, push-ups and dips. Most of the time you exercise outside in parks or playgrounds. On more and more places in the world special calisthenics parks are being build. If there is not such a calisthenics park in your neighbourhood, be creative and use your surroundings to complete your workout. Callisthenics is a very social sport. Due to doing your workout outside you meet new people and you learn from each other new skills that you have not seen before. You inspire and motivate each other, so that it remains fun and challenging. Calisthenics is suited for everyone. Whether you are young or old, a beginner or expert. With the help of StreetGains gear everybody can do it!