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Adjustable Hand Grip | Gymstick®

This adjustable hand grip trainer is available in a light and strong version.
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Train the forearms

A strong grip is very important for the development of strength in your upper body. For example, it is essential for heavy acceleration and heavy deadlifts. Using the Gymstick adjustable hand grip is the ideal way to significantly strengthen your hand and forearm grip strength. It is also ideal for athletes where grip strength is essential such as mountaineers, baseball players, gymnasts, tennis players, strength athletes, etc. The resistance is easily adjustable so that everyone can train at their own level. The hand grip trainer is available in two variants: Strong and Light. Strong gives a resistance of 10 to 40 kg. Light gives a resistance of 5 to 20 kg.

About Gymstick

Gymstick is an international fitness brand from Finland. The sports material has been developed in collaboration with personal trainers. As a result, the products of Gymstick guarantee quality, ease of use and effectiveness.


  • Boosts grip strength and defines the arm muscles

  • Stimulates circulation in the arm

  • Easily adjustable resistance

  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip

  • Available in two variants: light (5-20 kg) and strong (10-40 kg)

  • Made of strong steel and rubber

  • Color: red / black


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