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What is the difference between the rubber and fabric Mini Bands?

Mini Bands are short resistance bands with a length of about thirty centimeters. They are used for upper body training, but are most popular in a leg and butt workout. That is why they are also called Booty Bands. Mini Bands are available in a fabric and rubber version, but which of the two is the best choice?

Fabric Mini Bands

Fabric Mini Bands are, as the name suggests, Mini Bands made of fabric. The big advantage of this material is that the straps feel very comfortable and do not roll off the legs. Fabric Mini Bands are ideal for training your leg and buttock muscles and less suitable for training the upper body. The StreetGains Fabric Mini Bands come in a set of three bands: light, medium and strong. Exercises that can be performed with the Fabric Mini Bands are for example: squats, hip thrusts and crabwalks.

Advantages Fabric Mini Bands

  • DO NOT SLIDE: Fabric Bands stay in place and don't slide off your legs.

  • COMFORTABLE: Fabric Bands feel more comfortable and comfortable when used on bare skin or leggings.

  • HIGHER RESISTANCE: Fabric Bands have a higher resistance than the Rubber Bands.

Rubber Mini Bands

Rubber Mini Bands are made of latex rubber. An important feature of this material is that it can be stretched far. This gives the athlete a wider range of motion. Rubber Mini Bands are used to train the leg and buttock muscles, but also the upper body can be trained with this. The StreetGains Rubber Mini Bands come in a set of four bands: light, medium, strong and extreme. Exercises that can be performed with the Rubber Mini Bands include butt kicks, squats and standing kickbacks.

Advantages Rubber Mini Bands

  • RANGE OF MOTION: Rubber Bands can be stretched further giving you a wide range of motion.

  • UPPER BODY TRAINING: Rubber Bands are also suitable for training the upper body.

  • ADVANTAGE: Rubber Bands have a low purchase price.


Both types of bands have their advantages and disadvantages. The fabric straps are more comfortable, but the rubber straps are more versatile. In general, when the exercise requires placing the strap around the ankles, the rubber strap is most appropriate. If the exercise requires the strap to be placed on the thighs, the fabric strap is the most suitable. If you want to bring the most variety to your training, we advise to have both sets ready in your sports bag. This gives you the opportunity to use the right band for every exercise.

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