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PolyPRO Dip Belt Gunmetal Black | Harbinger®

The dip belt has a pre-formed construction and heavy-duty steel chain.
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Increase resistance

The Harbinger® PolyPRO Dip Belt is a special belt on which weights can be hung. This allows more resistance to be added to various bodyweight exercises, including the pull-up, squat and dip. With this dip belt you develop and strengthen the chest muscles, back muscles and triceps.

Comfortable fit

The Harbinger PolyPRO Dip Belt is lighter in weight than traditional dip belts and has a contoured construction for the ultimate fit and comfort during a tough workout. The 30 "heavy-duty steel chain features a premium speed clip that makes weights easy to add and remove. The strong Harbinger PolyPRO Dip Belt is made of polypropylene and has heavy-duty steel rings for attaching the chain to The Harbinger PolyPRO Dip Belt is adjustable and suitable for everyone, one size fits all. The outside of the Harbinger Polypro Dip Belt can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The Harbinger Dip Belt is available in the colors Gunmetal Black and Gunmetal Green Which color are you going for?


  • Easily increase the resistance of an exercise

  • High quality steel rings and speed clip

  • 30 "(76 cm) heavy-duty steel chain

  • Length of belt: 80 cm

  • Easy to clean

  • One size fits all

  • Weight: 805 gr

  • Colour: black

Supplied as standard with the Harbinger PolyPRO Dip Belt Gunmetal Black

  • Harbinger PolyPRO Dip Belt Gunmetal  Black

  • Steel chain


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