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Doorway Pull-Up Bar | Pullup & Dip®

Easy to attach to the door frame without screws or drilling.
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Pull-up bar for in the door frame

The Pullup & Dip® Door Frame Pullup Bar is a pull-up bar that can be attached to almost any door frame without screws or drilling. When the pull-up pliers are not in use, you can simply remove them from the door frame. Then it can be stored or used as a push-up bar. Perform a variety of exercises, including pull-ups, dips, leg-raises en knee-raises. Floor exercises such as dips and push-ups can also be performed.

Safe and stable

The Pullup & Dip pull-up bar is very secure and will not wobble or slip. The handles are placed high. This ensures that there is a lot of legroom, so that the knees do not have to be pulled up as high. The handles are also provided with a non-slip layer for an excellent grip. All contact points that come into contact with the frame contain a protective layer, so that the frame is not damaged. The pull-up bar has an integrated ring hook to which, for example, a suspension trainer can be attached. The Pullup & Dip chin-up bar is therefore the perfect alternative if you are looking for a high-quality chin-up bar that does not want or cannot be mounted on the wall or ceiling.


  • Can be attached without screws or drilling
  • Highpositioned handles for less knee bending
  • Padding on all contact points prevents damage to the door frame
  • Integrated ring hook to attach a suspension trainer
  • Doesn't wobble or slip
  • Equipped with non-slip handles
  • Height adjustable mounting bracket
  • Can also be used as push-up bar

Product features

Pull-Up Bars

Brand Pullup & Dip
Product number PD5009
Maximum load capacity 110 kg
Gewicht 4.2 kg
Suitable for indoor use
Suitable for outdoor use
Mounting material included
Color Black
Warranty 2 years


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