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Liquid Chalk 50ML With Carabiner | StreetGains®

Liquid chalk in a handy portable size bottle with carabiner.
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Liquid Chalk 50ML With Carabiner | StreetGains®
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Benefits of liquid chalk

StreetGains® Liquid Chalk is sports chalk in a liquid form. The handy resealable bottle contains chalk carbonate mixed with alcohol. The alcohol ensures that the chalk is liquid. Liquid chalk is very user-friendly. Drop a small amount on the palm and spread it evenly on both hands. Just waving your hands and the alcohol evaporates after a few seconds. A nice thick layer of chalk remains on your hands. The advantage of StreetGains Liquid Chalk is that it leaves no chalk residue on the floor, clothing or equipment. This is ideal if the use of chalk powder is not permitted in your gym or if you just want to keep your sports environment clean and tidy.

Maximum grip

The liquid chalk absorbs sweat and ensures maximum grip. StreetGains Liquid Chalk contains a high quality chalk carbonate and a low alcohol content. Thanks to this low alcohol content, there is more chalk in each bottle. The liquid chalk is supplied in a handy 50 ml bottle size. The bottle also contains a strong carabiner, with which it can easily be attached to something. StreetGains Liquid chalk can be used in any sport that requires excellent grip. It is therefore suitable for calisthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting or bouldering.


  • Premium quality chalk carbonate

  • Maximizes grip and absorbs sweat

  • Leaves no residue on equipment, floor or clothing

  • Lasts longer than traditional chalk powder

  • Contains a low alcohol content

  • Compact take-away format

  • Suitable for alisthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting or bouldering

  • Volume: 50 ml

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Liquid Chalk 59ML

  • StreetGains Liquid Chalk 50ML

  • Carabiner


Product features


Brand StreetGains
Product number SG8406-50
Capacity 50 ml
Type Liquid chalk


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Awesome product. No dust flying around, dries in seconds.I suggest buying the 1x50ml and 1x250ml that way you have a nice and comfy package you can hang on your backpack and when its empty just refill it from the big bottle which cheaper per liter but it's uncomfortable to carry around and takes more place.


Top! Werkt als een malle, geeft weinig af, ruikt super, blijft lang op je handen maar met water direct uitwasbaar. Zeer goede grip gekregen erdoor.



Snelle levering en top product!
Ruikt ook lekker.


Goed spul, klein flesje dus makkelijk mee te nemen. Echt ideaal voor in de sportschool.


Super easy om mee te nemen en werkt perfect, maakt ook haast niet dingen vies die je aanraakt. Is je sportschool weer blij mee :)


Handig flesje met magnesium. Het is niet zo heel vloeibaar, eerder een beetje tanspasta-achtig, dus druipt ook niet van je hand af. Ik vind dit fijner werken dat met poeder omdat daarvan de vloer en je kleding zo vies worden. Aanradertje dus.

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