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Weight Vest 30KG | StreetGains®

Compact weight vest made of heavy-duty nylon and with an adjustable weight of up to 30 kg.
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Heavy yet compact

The StreetGains® Weight Vest of 30KG - a powerhouse in a compact package! It is the second heaviest weight vest in our range. Thanks to this weight vest you can effortlessly increase the resistance for pull-ups, push-ups, squats and many other bodyweight exercises. The weight vest offers the possibility to adjust the resistance from 1 to 30 kilograms, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned athletes. It will constantly challenge and guide you on your fitness journey, whether you are working on strength, endurance or fitness. The StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG is designed for serious athletes who do not want to compromise. Are you ready for the challenge?"

Heavy weight vest

The StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG combines a compact design with a large capacity. The weight vest has the same width as its lighter brother, the 20 kilogram version. The 30 kilogram weight vest measures 41 centimeters in length. The weight vest has narrow shoulder straps. The advantage of this is that the arms can easily be stretched above the shoulders. This is the case, for example, with the handstand or pulling up. The FastFit belt system ensures that the weight vest can be put on quickly and easily. “Pull on and go!”. This belt system also ensures that the vest hardly shifts during explosive movements and that it stays in place even when hanging upside down. These properties make the StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG extremely suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, boot camp, fitness and agility exercises.

Premium materials

The Velcro closure is a weak point in many weight vests. The Velcro is often stitched to the weight vest. The moment the Velcro is worn out after frequent intensive use, it cannot be replaced. For the StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG, a special belt system was therefore chosen. In addition to the fact that this system does not wear out as quickly, it is also easy to replace if necessary. In addition, the StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG is completely made of heavy-duty nylon. This extremely strong material is often used in the manufacture of military clothing. An important property of this fabric is that it can withstand heavy loads, tears and rough handling. The StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG therefore guarantees years of sports fun. The weight vest comes in black and is finished with a raised rubber logo and black stitching.

Adjustable weight

The StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG consists of 30 weight blocks. The weight of the weight vest can therefore be adjusted within seconds from 1 to 30 kilograms. You can easily do this by lifting the flap and sliding the weight block in or out of the compartment. This means that the correct weight can be used for each exercise. The weights are evenly distributed over the front and back. This makes the weight vest feel perfectly balanced.


  • Adjustable weight from 1 to 30 kilograms
  • Made from heavy duty nylon
  • Compact fit for more freedom of movement
  • Quick and easy to put on thanks to the FastFit belt system
  • Narrow shoulder straps for extra mobility with overhead exercises
  • Comfortable thanks to the soft padding on the chest, shoulders and back
  • Equipped with two shoulder hooks to attach a sled
  • Suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, boot camp, fitness and agility exercises

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG

  • StreetGains Weight Vest 30KG
  • 30 removable weight blocks
  • Belt system
  • 2 year warranty



FastFit belt system
The weight vest has the FastFit belt system. This belt system ensures that the weight vest can be put on quickly and easily. “Pull on and go!”
Removable weights
The weight vest consists of thirty removable weight blocks. The total weight can therefore be adjusted within a few seconds from 1 to 30 kilograms.
Premium finish
The weight vest is made entirely of heavy-duty nylon, in black and finished with a raised rubber logo and black stitching.
Shoulder hooks
The weight vest has two shoulder hooks. This offers the possibility to attach various (training) materials to the weight vest, such as a sled or your keys.

Product features

Weight Vest

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG3006
Size One size fits all
Weight blocks included
Removable weights
Kleur Black
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions (L x W) 41 x 30 cm
Warranty 2 years


Nic D.

Het duurde iets langer om te ontvangen dan op de website stond, ik had daar geen probleem mee nadat ik een update had gekregen hoelang het nog zou duren. de verzending naar België is best goedkoop wetende dat dit 30kg weegt. Ik ben zeer tevreden over het product dat van hoge kwaliteit is, het past goed rond het lichaam, zakt dus niet weg waardoor de range of motion goed is. Dit is een product dat waarschijnlijk een leven mee gaat. Ik ben dus zeer tevreden over mijn aankoop en zou het zeker aanraden.


The vest arrived and I have to say the quality is beyond my expectations. The Support Team is also very responsive and helpful if questions or other things come up. Definitely a "must buy". Cheers.


Zeer tevreden over het vest! Zit comfortabel. Geen last van mijn schouders. De gewichten van een kilo per stuk kunnen er gemakkelijk in gedaan worden en uitgehaald. Snelle levering en goed verpakt.

James R

Ik heb deze vest nu al een aantal maanden en ben hier zeer tevreden over. Het is prijzig om aan te schaffen, maar zijn geld volledig waard. De metalen gewichten gaan makkelijk in en uit de vakjes en zijn zeer robuust. De vest zit goed qua pasvorm, heeft comfortabele schouderbanden, en kan perfect aangespannen worden rond het middel. Ik heb hiervoor mijn goedkopere vest van een ander merk verkocht, met lekkende zandgewichtjes die heel moeilijk terug in de vest gingen. Keep up the quality work Streetgains!


Brutally good for training

super Weste

Endlich eine gute Weste, die nicht zu lang lang ist. Dadurch sind wunderbar Kniebeuge und Sprünge möglich. Ist auch gut zu fixieren und verrutscht nicht.

Yannik Meyer

Super Weste, sehr bequem zu tragen und auch von der Länge ideal für das Training.
Ich bin begeistert und kann sie nur empfehlen.
Ich habe die Weste mit 30 kg bestellt und muss sagen, dass es für mich völlig ausreicht.
Das Training mit 30 kg ist schon recht schweisstreibend :-)


After testing it for a couple of weeks I must say I am really happy with it. It is way more comfortable than using a dip belt with weights. At least for my complexion and weight it feels just right, and of I was a bit bigger or smaller I think it still would fit quite well since its easy to adjust. The delivery was really fast and althought I made a mistake entering my address, the customer service was also quick to reply and everything worked out fine in the end. Although I considered other options and this one was a bit more expensive than others I still believe it was worth it and I cant imagine the others beating this vest in terms of quality. Thank you streetgains team!


Die Weste ist sehr gut verarbeitet und ist sehr robust. Für Calisthenics ist super geeignet. Durch die herausnehmbaren Gewichte sehr flexibel. Schnelle Lieferung.


Mooi product en blijft super goed zitten zelfs bij handenstand etc..


Super fijn vest om mee te trainen goede levering


The vest is made out off good quality Materials doesn’t feel cheap and will be be tough and durable three my harsh workouts and the customer service was amazing I would recommend street gains to my family and friends!


Schnelle Lieferung. Die Weste ist sehr gut verarbeitet und ist sehr robust. Supper Produkt. @StreetGains: danke :)


Das sehr gute Weste. Ich mache Calisthenics und die Weste passt dazu.


Great Quality!

Artem Serdarov

Ich will sagen das sieht so Super 👍!
Habe ich früher mit Kette für Brust trenirt.
Und uber 3 Jahre Gewischt Weste für Klimmzüge Gekauft. Jetzt Street Gains helft meine Rücken mit Gewicht Weste


Sehr gute Weste fühlt sich gut an beim Training und ist preislich zumindest zur Zeit die beste die man bekommen kann, hab keine kostengünstigere 30 Kilo Weste gefunden und trotzdem ist sie qualitativ absolut hochwertig.

Niko S.

Guter sitz. Drückt nach einer Weile in die Schultern.
Als Anfänger sollte man auch nicht mit 30 kg spazieren gehen.
Ansonsten sehr stabil und durch die herausnehmbaren Gewichte sehr flexibel.


Sitzt sehr gut! Mit den je 1kg Gewichten gut anpassbar! Stabil!

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