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Wrist & Ankle Weights 4KG | StreetGains®

Compact ankle weights made of soft neoprene material with a weight of 4 kg.
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Wrist & Ankle Weights 4KG | StreetGains®
Wrist & Ankle Weights 2KG | StreetGains®
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Increase the resistance of your training

The StreetGains® Wrist & Ankle weights 4KG are a good way to increase the resistance of different bodyweight exercises. The weights are easily attached to the wrist or ankle and you can then start training immediately. Because the weight is attached to the end of the limb, a relatively low weight increases the resistance considerably. The wrist and ankle weights are ideal to use during your calisthenics, crossfit, fitness, yoga, running or football training.

Neoprene is soft and flexible

The StreetGains Wrist & Ankle weights 4KG are made of high-quality neoprene material. This material is frequently used in diving suits. Neoprene has a sweat-wicking effect and feels soft on the skin. This makes the wrist and ankle weights very comfortable. The filling consists of small steel balls, which makes the weight flexible and molds to your wrist or ankle. The weights are therefore absolutely no obstacle during your workout. Furthermore, the weights have a large Velcro closure with which they can be fastened quickly and securely. Due to the compact size, the weights are suitable for attaching to both the wrist and the ankles. The StreetGains wrist & ankle weights 4KG are available in the colors green with black and come in a set of two.


  • Two ankle weights, each weighing 2 kg
  • The flexible filling provides extra room for movement
  • Due to the compact size, it can be attached to the wrist or ankles
  • Soft neoprene material has a sweat-wicking effect
  • Large velcro closure
  • Strong steel closing clips
  • One size fits all
  • Suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, bootcamp, stamina and agility exercises

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Wrist & Ankle Weights 4KG

  • StreetGains Wrist & Ankle Weights 4KG (2 x 2 KG)

Product features

Ankle Weights

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG9002-4
Weight type Small iron balls
Adjustable weight
Number of pieces 2
Dimensions (L x W x H) 32 x 10 x 2 cm
Color Black / Green


Mehan Ejubović

Don’t buy this it says wrist weights but there ankle weights and there to big to be walking around in there just useless waist of money


Heel blij mee! Comfortabel. Passen goed om de enkels. Snel geleverd en goed verpakt.


prima materiaal. Alleen om de pols zit hij wat te los. Voor de enkels zijn ze perfect


Prima enkelgewichten

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