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Calisthenics Workout Program For Beginners

Calisthenics Workout Program For Beginners

In this article we share two calisthenics schedules especially for the novice calisthenics athlete. This is a follow-up to our previous blog post 'how to: starting with calisthenics'. In it we discussed how to start with calisthenics and what the five basic exercises are. In this article we will explain how to incorporate these basic exercises into a good training schedule. We therefore recommend that you first read the 'how to: start with calisthenics' before starting this article.

Calisthenics Beginner Schedule # 1

The first calisthenics schedule is a fun and challenging schedule that is different from most schedules. The idea behind this schedule is that you start with a difficult variant of an exercise. You perform this as often as possible without taking a break. When you have given everything and can no longer perform repetitions, you switch to the easier version of the exercise. The diagram shows that you start with the normal push-up (on all fours) and then switch to knee push-ups.

Exercise Repetitions Sets
Resistance Band Pull-ups Max 1
Australian Pull-ups Max 1
Push-ups Max 1
Knee Pus-ups Max 1
Bench Pistol Squats Max 1
Squats Max 1
(Tucked) L-Sit Hold Max 1
(Tucked) L-Sit Raises Max 1
Dips Max 1
Bench Dips Max 1

Calisthenics Beginner Schedule # 2

The second calisthenics schedule is a more traditional training schedule. It contains five exercises. You perform three sets of each exercise. Rest for approximately two minutes between each set.

Exercise Repetitions Sets
Australian Pull-ups 12 3
Push-ups 10 3
Bench Pistol Squats 10 3
Bench Dips 15 3
(Tucked) L-Sit Raises 12 3
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