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Opening Calisthenics Maximapark

Opening Calisthenics Maximapark

It took a while but then you really have something. The sporty Maximapark now also has a calisthenics and boot camp park. The park on the Ribbon was created on the initiative of five Leidsche Rijners. The official opening took place last Saturday and we were there!

The program

Alderman Kees Geldof was also present and was allowed to cut the red ribbon. After the official opening of the streetworkout park, the Calisthenics Zeist team gave an impressive demo and showed the possibilities of the park. Then the audience could work up a sweat. Two competitions were held. Who could hang around the bars the longest and who could perform the most push-ups. The price? A bright green goody bag from StreetGains :). To conclude, an interesting calisthenics workshop could be followed, provided by Papito, Thijmen and Bo from Calisthenics Zeist.

Calisthenics training in the Maximapark

The streetworkout park is very active and various training sessions are regularly organized. For example, if there are sufficient registrations, calisthenics training takes place on Mondays. You decide for yourself what you think the training is worth and want to pay for (pay what you want principle). Visit the Facebook-page of Calisthenics Utrecht Leidsche Rijn for more information or to register for a training.

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