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Suspension Trainer Kit | PT4Pro®

Premium quality suspension trainer with many expansion options.
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Suspension training: perfect addition to your calisthenics routine

The LMX1501 PT4Pro® suspension trainer kit is a perfect training tool to develop strength, flexibility, stability and endurance. The suspension trainer uses gravity and your own body weight. This ensures that you can determine the level of difficulty of exercises yourself and adjust the level thereof. This makes the suspension trainer suitable for both calisthenics beginners and experts. With the PT4Pro® suspension trainer you therefore have an effective tool at your disposal to tackle every muscle group in your body. It offers many new exercises to give your muscles an optimal stimulus and to get the best out of your training. This makes it a good addition to your regular calisthenics workout. With this suspension trainer kit it is possible to train at almost any location. The PT4Pro® suspension trainer can easily be attached to a pull-up bar, hook or even a boom. It is also supplied with a smart door hanger. This makes it possible to hang the suspension trainer on your door. This makes it also suitable for indoor use. Very handy when you are traveling or when it rains outside and you do not want to miss your workout at all costs.

Expandable with various accessories

In addition to the very high quality lines and handles, this suspension trainer distinguishes itself by the possibility to expand it with various accessories. For example, the handles can be replaced by the PT4Pro Gymringen Add-on. This changes the suspension trainer into two gym rings, which entails even more variation and challenge. This high-quality original suspension trainer is pleasant and safe to use, making it suitable for intensive commercial use. The PT4Pro® comes with a handy travel bag, making it easy to store and take with you.


Premium quality suspension trainer

Ready for immediate use

Easy to attach to a pull-up bar, door, hook or boom

Very useful for at home or when traveling

Expandable with various accessories

Supplied as standard with the PT4PRO Suspension Trainer Kit

PT4PRO Suspension Trainer



Fixing lines

Travel bag

Manual with safety door hanger



Heel fijn product! Werk er dagelijks mee en slijt amper. De handvatten zijn fijn en de banden zijn heel wijd verstelbaar. Aanrader!

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