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Ab Core Wheels | StreetGains®

Take your push-ups to the next level with these two sturdy core wheels.
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Next level push-ups

The StreetGains Core Wheels set offers a unique opportunity to train the chest, abdomen, triceps and shoulder muscles. The Core Wheels consist of two handles with one wheel on each side. The wheels ensure that the exercise is destabilized. The different muscles therefore have to work hard to maintain stability. This makes an exercise like the push-up more challenging and effective. The StreetGains Core Wheels can be used for regular push-ups, archor push-ups, chest fly's and ab roll-outs. The Core Wheels are suitable for both novice and advanced athletes. The novice athlete can perform the exercises on his knees and the expert can find more challenge by performing the exercises while standing.

Sturdy & portable abdominal muscle wheel

The StreetGains Core Wheels are made of a metal and plastic construction. This makes the abdominal muscle wheels very sturdy but light, so that they retain their portable property. The Core Wheels are therefore easy to take to an outdoor training, the gym or on a trip. The Core Wheels have comfortable ergonomic handles, which are covered with a layer of foam. The wheels on both sides are connected for safety and therefore move synchronously. Thanks to the 5.5 ”large wheels, the Core Wheels roll smoothly over any surface. The set consists of two Core Wheels (1 pair) in the color blue with black.


  • Unique exercises for the chest, abdomen, tricep and shoulder muscles

  • Wheels move synchronously on both sides for more safety

  • Sturdy and portable design

  • Ergonomic foam handles

  • Diameter wheels: 5,5"

  • Color: blue / black

  • Weight: 600 gr



Fijne Ab wheels, rollen gemakkelijk, prima kwaliteit. Erg tevreden mee.

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