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Rubber Booty Bands Pack - Mini Resistance Bands | StreetGains®

Versatile training tool for training both the upper and lower body.
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Mini Bands provide a constant tension on the muscle

The StreetGains Rubber Booty Bands, also known as mini bands, are a very versatile training tool that can be used to train both the upper and lower body. Mini bands are very effective because the muscle is constantly under tension during use. Exercises that can be performed with the StreetGains Mini Bands include: squats, monster walks, lateral walks, standing kickbacks, hip abductions, glute bridges and tricep pushdowns. The StreetGains Rubber Booty Bands can be used for:

  • The Rubber Booty Bands can add resistance to various exercises. This allows you to make exercises such as the kickback or crabwalk heavier.
  • The Rubber Booty Bands provide more muscle activation. This makes you feel the leg and butt muscles work harder during a squat or hip thurst, for example.
  • The Rubber Booty Bands can be used for explosive training, warming up and stretching.

Four bright colors

The StreetGains Mini Bands are made from 100% sustainable latex rubber. This makes the bands extremely strong and flexible. The set contains four mini bands. Each mini band has a different resistance: light, medium, strong and extreme. The resistance of the mini bands can be recognized by the bright colors. The level of the tire is also indicated on the tire itself, so that the suitable tire can be selected at a glance. The StreetGains Mini Bands are compact and therefore easy to take with you to any training. In addition, the set of mini bands comes with a handy bag to store the bands in.

Our advice

For a longer lifespan of the mini bands we advise not to expose the tires to extreme temperatures and to store them in a dry place. Are you looking for even more challenge? Then you can use two mini bands at the same time to make the exercise even harder!


  • Set contains four mini bands: light, medium, strong and extreme
  • Ideal for training both the upper and lower body
  • Provides a constant tension on the muscle
  • Suitable for warm-up, rehabilitation, injury prevention and more
  • Resistance indicator on every mini band
  • Easy to take with you thanks to the handy storage bag
  • Color: yellow / green / blue / black

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Rubber Booty Bands Pack

  • StreetGains Rubber Booty Bands Pack
  • Storage bag

Product features

Resistance Band

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG4008
Material Latex Rubber
Length 25 cm
Number of bands in package 4
Carry bag included


Brennan Capelleman

Zeer goed materiaal en zeer goede klantenservice.

Na een verzending die blijkbaar verloren is gegaan, heb ik een mailtje gestuurd naar de klantendienst. Zij hebben mij binnen de dag geholpen en mijn bestelling zonder problemen opnieuw gestuurd. Twee dagen later werd het pakketje geleverd.

Ik ben en blijf hier zeker vaste klant.


Materiaal van hoge kwaliteit !

Truus Vissers



Alles naar wens. Thanks!



jarne Van Bijlen

De banden zijn echt leuk om mee te sporten:
Er waren wat probleempjes met de verzending maar jullie hebben mij heel snel verder geholpen en het opnieuw opgestuurd zodat het zo rap mogelijk aankwam.
Voor sport materiaal zijn jullie 1 van de beste waar ik ooit al op bestelt heb.


Goede kwaliteit en leuk om mee te trainen


Snel geleverd en de banden zijn van goede kwaliteit!

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