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Weight Vest 20KG Orange PRO| StreetGains®

Compact weight vest made of heavy-duty nylon and with an adjustable weight of up to 20 kg.
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Stronger than your own bodyweight

Rise above your limits with the StreetGains® Weight Vest 20KG PRO - the ultimate partner for your bodyweight training. This vest takes your pull-ups, push-ups, dips and all other bodyweight exercises to a new level due to the added resistance. When creating the StreetGains 20KG Weight Vest we focused on comfort and durability, without restricting your freedom of movement. If your own body weight is no longer sufficient, then this is the perfect weight vest for you! Prepare to grow and perform like never before.

Advantages of the PRO version

The StreetGains Weight Vest PRO has a handy front pocket with zipper. For example, keys or a telephone can be stored here. The PRO weight vest is equipped with a safety reflector at the back, so that you are also clearly visible in dark conditions. In addition, the PRO version is washable and equipped with metal clips.

Compact fit

The StreetGains Weight Vest 20 KG PRO is a short model weight vest with a compact fit. As a result, the weight vest does not limit the freedom of movement of the athlete. The weight vest measures 30 centimeters in width and 39 centimeters in length. In addition, the weight vest has narrow shoulder straps. The advantage of this is that the arms can easily be stretched above the shoulders. This is, for example, the case with the handstand or the acceleration. The FastFit belt system ensures that the weight vest can be put on quickly and easily. "Pull on and go!". This belt system also ensures that the vest barely shifts in the event of explosive movements and that it remains securely in place even when hanging upside down. These characteristics make the StreetGains Weight Vest 20 KG PRO extremely suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, boot camp, fitness and agility exercises.

Premium materials

With many weight vests, the velcro closure is a weak point. The velcro is often stitched on the weight vest. As soon as there is wear and tear on the velcro after frequent intensive use, it cannot be replaced. The StreetGains Weight Vest 20KG PRO therefore has a special belt system. Besides that this system wears less quickly out, it is also easy to replace if necessary. In addition, the StreetGains Weight Vest 20KG PRO is made entirely of heavy-duty CORDURA® nylon. This extremely strong material is often used in the manufacture of military clothing. An important feature of this fabric is that it can withstand heavy loads, tears and rough handling. The StreetGains Weight Vest 20KG therefore guarantees years of sports fun. The weight vest is made in the color orange and finished with a raised rubber logo and orange stitching.

Adjustable weight

The StreetGains Weight Vest 20 KG PRO consists of 20 weight blocks. The weight of the weight vest can therefore be adjusted within a few seconds from 1 to 20 kilograms. You can do this easily by lifting the flap and sliding the weight block in or out of the compartment. This means that the correct weight can be used for every exercise. The weights are evenly distributed over the front and rear. This makes the weight vest feel perfectly balanced.


  • Adjustable weight from 1 to 20 kilograms
  • Made from heavy duty CORDURA® nylon
  • Compact fit for more freedom of movement
  • Quick and easy to put on thanks to the FastFit belt system
  • Narrow shoulder straps for extra mobility with overhead exercises
  • Comfortable thanks to the soft padding on the chest, shoulders and back
  • Equipped with two shoulder hooks to attach a sled
  • Suitable for calisthenics, crossfit, boot camp, fitness and agility exercises

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Weight Vest 20KG Orange PRO

  • StreetGains Weight Vest 20KG Orange PRO
  • 20 removable weight blocks
  • Belt system
  • 2 years warranty



Storage compartment
The weight vest has a handy storage compartment with zipper. For example, keys or a telephone can be stored here.
Mesh inside
The mesh inside provides ventilation and comfort. This interior can also be removed from the weight vest and is machine washable.
Metal FastFit Belt System
The weight vest has the metal FastFit belt system. This belt system ensures that the weight vest can be put on quickly and easily. “Pull on and go!”
Safety reflector
At the back, the weight vest is equipped with a safety reflector. This way you are also clearly visible in dark conditions.

Product features

Weight Vest

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG3004-O
Size One size fits all
Weight blocks included
Removable weights
Kleur Orange
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions (L x W) 39 x 30 cm
Warranty 2 years



Robust gebaut und sehr bequem zu tragen. Diese Gewichtsweste ist sehr hilfreich für meine Workouts!


Prima en degelijke vest.
Snijd niet op de schouders door goede vulling ook met 20kg niet


Tolle Weste! Sitzt perfekt, egal ob Klimmzüge, Push Ups, Calf Jumps, Deadlifts oder Situps…Was mir richtig gut gefällt sind die Laschen die man greifen kann wenn man bspw springt. Bei Calf-Jumps ideal! Trage sie auch beim Gewichtetraining einfach durch.


Ich bin ehrlich gesagt mega zufrieden mit der Weste.


Bisher kann ich nichts schlechtes sagen.
War auch erst 6 mal 40 min im Einsatz.
Soweit alles top.


Einfach perfekt. Vielen Dank ich kann die Weste jeden empfehlen!


super zum Trainieren, sehr angenehmes Tragegefühl, da der Schulterbereich gut gepolstert ist. Die Gewichte können einfach gewechselt werden. Die Lieferung war auch super schnell und Problemlos.

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