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Fabric Booty Bands Pack Resistance Bands | StreetGains®

The Fabric Booty Bands are the perfect way to train your legs and booty.
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The ultimate leg and booty workout

The StreetGains Fabric Booty Bands are short resistance bands. The Booty Bands are ideal for setting up an effective leg and buttocks workout. The unique feature of these Booty Bands is that they are made of fabric. The StreetGains Booty Bands can be used for:

  • The Booty Bands can add resistance to various exercises. This allows you to add weight to exercises such as the kickback or crabwalk.
  • The Booty Bands provide more muscle activation. This makes you feel the leg and buttock muscles work harder, for example during a squat or hip thurst.
  • The Booty Bands can be used in explosivity exercises, the warming-up and stretching.

Soft fabric Booty Bands

The StreetGains Booty Bands are made of durable fabric with a premium quality finish. This makes the booty bands last a long time and they don't lose their stretch. Thanks to the soft fabric with a sweat-wicking effect, the bands feel extra comfortable. In addition, the inside of the  band has an anti-slip layer, so that the band does not slip during use. The fabric resistance bands are suitable for use over leggings, sweatpants or bare skin. The StreetGains Booty Bands Pack contains three resistance bands: light, medium and strong. The resistance of these bands varies from 7 to 32 kg. The fabric straps have a length of 33, 38 and 43 centimeters. The set comes complete with a handy storage bag to easily take it anywhere.


  • Set contains three fabric booty bands: light, medium and strong
  • Extra comfortable due to the soft sweat-wicking material
  • Bands last a long time thanks to the premium quality fabric
  • Anti-slip inside prevents the band from slipping
  • Ideal for training legs and buttocks
  • Provides a constant tension on the muscle
  • Suitable for warming-up, strength training, injury prevention and more
  • Easy to carry thanks to the handy carry bag
  • Color: green / gray / black

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Fabric Booty Bands Pack

  • StreetGains Fabric Booty Bands Pack (3 resistance bands)
  • Carry Bag


The overview below shows the specifications of the three resistance bands included in the Booty Bands Pack. Each band has the same width and thickness. The difference between the versions is in the resistance that the band delivers. Two resistors are shown, a low and a high resistance. As the booty band is stretched further, the resistance increases. The low resistance thus indicates the minimum resistance that the band provides. The high resistance indicates the resistance that the belt offers when stretched to the maximum.

Model Resistance Width Length
Light (Green)  7-21 kg 8 cm 33 cm
Medium (Grey)  16-29 kg 8 cm 38 cm
Strong (Black)  18-32 kg 8 cm 43 cm

Product features

Resistance Band

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG4012
Material Fabric
Length 33 / 38 /43
Number of bands in package 3
Carry bag included


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Mooi stevige banden van een goede stof.


Mooie stevige banden, zachte stof, leuke kleuren.
Mooi bijgeleverd tasje.
Goede kwaliteit!
Dat maakt het sporten extra leuk!


Goede kwaliteit !!!! Ik raad het zeker aan om te kopen.


Super banden met een fijne variatie in weerstand. Ik was niet zeker over de verschillende maten van de banden, maar ze werken allemaal top!


Fijne weerstandsbanden! Goede kwaliteit en door de verschillende sterktes perfect voor een totale work out. Aanrader!


Voor deze prijs 3 goede weerstandsbanden! Ze zijn van stof en zakken niet zomaar af door de rubberen lijntjes aan de binnenkant. Ik raad ze zeker aan!

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