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Pull Up Pack - Resistance Power Bands | StreetGains®

Set consists of three Resistance Bands that help you learn the pull-up.
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Pull Up Pack - Resistance Power Bands | StreetGains®
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The perfect pull-up

The StreetGains Pull-Up Pack helps you step by step towards the perfect pull-up. The pull-up is one of the best-known exercises from the calisthenics and fitness world. This is not for nothing. Performing the pull-up is a very effective way to strengthen the back and arm muscles. To perform the pull-up you need a pull-up bar or set of rings. Start with the green resistance band and work towards the black band. When you can perform a number of pull-ups with the black band, you are ready to try it without a resistance band.

Durable latex rubber

The StreetGains Resistance Bands are made from 100% durable latex rubber. The resistance bands have a seamless design. This unique design ensures that the band has no weaknesses and prevents cracks. Each band has a thickness of 5 millimeters. This means that the StreetGains Resistance Bands are of very high quality and last longer. The resistance bands have a length of 104 centimeters and can be stretched up to 260 centimeters. This length is suitable for most types of exercises. The resistance bands are light and compact, making them easy to take with you to any workout. The StreetGains Pull-Up Pack contains three resistance bands: medium, strong and extra srong. The resistance of these bands varies from 15 to 55 kg.

Our advice

Not sure which resistance band you need? Then read our buying advice: which resistance band do I need? Furthermore, for a longer service life, we recommend attaching the bands to smooth surfaces to prevent friction. Also make sure that the resistance bands are not exposed to extreme temperatures and keep them in a dry place. To hold the resistance band more comfortably during certain exercises, you can use the special resistance band handle. With the help of the door anchor you can attach the resistance band to a door.


  • Set consists of three resistance bands
  • Ideal for learning the Pull-Up
  • Also useful for warming up, stretching and strength training
  • Made from 100% premium latex rubber
  • Seamless design prevents cracks
  • Bands can be combined with each other
  • Easy to take with you due to the compact size
  • Suitable for every sport level
  • Color: black / purple / green

Supplied as standard with the StreetGains Pull-Up Pack

  • StreetGains Pull-Up Pack (3 resistance bands)
  • Bag


The overview below shows the specifications of the three resistance bands that the Pull-Up Pack contains. Every band has the same length and thickness. The difference between the models is in the width of the band, which ensures the resistance that the band can deliver. Two resistance numbers are displayed, one low and one high. As the resistance band is stretched further, the resistance becomes higher. The low resistance therefore indicates the minimum resistance that the band provides. The high resistance indicates the resistance that the band offers when it is fully stretched.

Model Resistance Width Length
Medium (Black) 15-30 kg 2,1 cm 104 cm
Strong (Purple) 20-45 kg 3,2 cm 104 cm
Extra Strong (Green) 25-55 kg 4,5 cm 104 cm

Product features

Resistance Band

Brand StreetGains
Product number SG4005
Material Latex Rubber
Length 104 cm
Number of bands in package 3
Carry bag included


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Erik de Vries

prima produkt. eenvoudig, werkt goed, snel geleverd,


Bruikbaar hulpmiddel, uitstekende kwaliteit. Snel geleverd.


Producten die ik had besteld waren niet meer op voorraad. Ze hebben mij hier kurig over ingelicht en dit snel en correct afgehandeld. Service was dus super!


Goed spul! Zonder deze elastieken kan ik de pull up niet uitvoeren. Zeker ook om de techniek eerst goed onder de knie te krijgen


Echt de perfecte hulpmiddelen om je pull ups in alle punten te verbeteren!!


Uitstekende hulpmiddelen om de pull up technisch onder de knie te krijgen, reps te vermeerderen en toe te werken naar pull ups zonder hulpmiddel. Het is het geld waard , topkwaliteit van StreetGains!


Topproduct, stelt niet teleur! Met zo'n groene band vertienvoudig je zo maar even je max aantal pullup reps.

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